Isagenix Nutrition and cleansing system proved me wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I went on this journey in February 4th, 2019 because I set out on a mission to prove another weight loss/nutritional system wrong. Believe me, I am one for trying everything once, so I thought, here we go with another one of my expensive fads! Even with all the claims, and the testimonials and the pictures of my friends, I doubted it. I tooted my own healthy horn and scoffed at it like “how on earth could it help me? I don’t have weight to lose! I exercise; I eat ‘mostly’ healthy. I don’t feel toxic. I sleep well and my energy levels are great!”  I also had the arsenal of excuses loaded up and ready to fire. “It’s too expensive. I love eating food. I am...

The 90 to New Years challenge is a "feel good, stay FHIIT & active challenge," here at FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks in Syracuse, NY. Starting in OCTOBER, I would like to promote healthy habits and consistency in workouts, throughout the holidays. The challenge itself is free, but a membership/package is required as well as attendance and participation in the sessions offered in order to win prizes.

  • I will have light-hearted weekly and monthly prizes for you to stay motivated and have fun with, based on attendance.

  • The GRAND PRIZE will be based on 90 days of attendance. The person with the highest attendance rate within those 90 days will be the winner OR if there are contenders, will be put into a drawing to win a...

Today we are talking about barre fitness (pronounced BAR!) because many people have misconceptions of what ‘barre’ is or that it is even a legit fitness regimen! I’m all for a well-rounded workout routine, in fact, I believe it’s necessary. I firmly believe there is not a single ‘method’ of fitness that people should do. Bodies as well as minds; need change, need variety. This is such the reason I opened FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks to incorporate a variety of well-rounded, complimentary exercise formats. I’m not recommending everyone to drop all their other workouts for a barre-only life, I’m just asking you to give it a chance. Give it a place on your weekly workout calendar, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Like I said; it’s a great complime...

As I think back to why I initially started in the fitness industry, the reasons were a dime a dozen. I bet there were many alluring qualities of being a fitness instructor that inspired me. The reasons have definitely morphed throughout the years. There is such a substantial gratification and purpose that has propelled me into making this passion of mine into a full time career. I have had many wonderful clients and so many touching memories of accomplishment throughout the years of instructing, but this particular story always strums my heart strings deep inside so swiftly to remind me of WHY I do what I do.

A couple years ago, I was preparing to teach one of my routine Zumba classes at a local health club. As I was bantering away with some clie...

I am working so hard to get everything ready for your arrival! Thank you for being patient. I am working on the schedule and pricing list so that you may choose what classes you are going to attend and incorporate into your lifestyle! Those should be up next week, so stay tuned! As for the studio space and all its multiple personalities....well, that is a whole other ball game!  But my friends, it's full speed ahead! I will let you know the specific opening date in early February.

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