The 90 to New Years challenge is a "feel good, stay FHIIT & active challenge," here at FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks in Syracuse, NY. Starting in OCTOBER, I would like to promote healthy habits and consistency in workouts, throughout the holidays. The challenge itself is free, but a membership/package is required as well as attendance and participation in the sessions offered in order to win prizes.

  • I will have light-hearted weekly and monthly prizes for you to stay motivated and have fun with, based on attendance.

  • The GRAND PRIZE will be based on 90 days of attendance. The person with the highest attendance rate within those 90 days will be the winner OR if there are contenders, will be put into a drawing to win a...

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Here you will find fitness and nutritional tips, along with insights, successes and real life stories.


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