After your easy commute in from on/off highway on street parking is very easy and assessible on Erie Blvd West (entrance door to studio) and West Water Street

    • 9am-4pm Meter parking. Traffic minimal. Spots are open.

    • Download the Flowbird parking app for ease.


    NO WAY! Our experienced instructors will guide you through an entire class with modifications, verbal cues and hands on corrections to ensure you will recieve the most out of your class. Our classes are designed for every fitness level. If you feel you would benefit more from a couple personal training sessions, please contact us to schedule. Or CLICK HERE


    We want you to be comfortable so wear layers to adjust as we heat up and cool down. Our classes are focused on alignment, form and body awareness. Clients usually like to wear form fitting clothing so that you can see your body. Baggy clothing tends to be cumbersome and  more restrictive.


    No outdoor footwear or bare feet are allowed in the studio. Grip socks, fitness slippers or clean indoor sneakers are mandatory for all studio for classes. We wear grip socks to be sanitary, protect our feet, keep them warm and prevent slipping/injury. We have a cute selection in the studio for sale $12.


    We ask our clients to be courteous and not be more than 5 minutes late. It disrupts the instructor and other clients, as well as prevents you from getting adequately set up and warmed up. Please get here early, but if you are running slightly behind, text the instructor to let them know that you are coming. In some cases the doors will lock as soon as class starts for studio/client safety.


    We are a full service, unisex fitness studio designed with the busiest of lives in mind. We have 2 showers, 3 dressing rooms and 2 restrooms to accommodate clients before and after classes. We have hair dryers on site as well. Please carry in and carry out all toiletries and towels.


    We understand life happens and we try our best to accommodate cancellations. We currently operate on limited capacity schedule and try to fit all clients into their desired class time. Please be courteous and cancel out of a class you cannot attend so that another clientmay be added from the wait-list and arrive on time! If you do not cancel out of class or "no-show" you will be charged $20 or deducted from your class pass.

    • 6:15am classes: MUST cancel by 9pm the night prior.

    • All other classes: must cancel 2 hours prior to class time.

    • Instructor has ability to cancel class due to low attendance. You will receive a text.

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