You never know, until you lose it!

March 21, 2019


Isagenix Nutrition and cleansing system proved me wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I went on this journey in February 4th, 2019 because I set out on a mission to prove another weight loss/nutritional system wrong. Believe me, I am one for trying everything once, so I thought, here we go with another one of my expensive fads! Even with all the claims, and the testimonials and the pictures of my friends, I doubted it. I tooted my own healthy horn and scoffed at it like “how on earth could it help me? I don’t have weight to lose! I exercise; I eat ‘mostly’ healthy. I don’t feel toxic. I sleep well and my energy levels are great!”  I also had the arsenal of excuses loaded up and ready to fire. “It’s too expensive. I love eating food. I am not a shake girl. My job is too active I will feel deprived. I have done shake nutrition before, I don’t believe in it.” Well turns out those 10+ reasons and excuses were ALL proved WRONG and now I have ALL the more reasons and a “visible” six pack to share with you! Besides the fact that we can always improve ourselves, 6 weeks later this is what I learned about the product:

It is convenient and flexible. The system works with you and your schedule, not against you. It is not  confining to strict rigidity that ultimately sets you up for failure. You don’t have to go crazy with your meal prepping only to fall behind, lose steam and fail. It is all set and ready for you! I still meal prep snacks, but that is super easy!


It is delicious I enjoy the products. The shakes are of great quality and taste. You can be creative and incorporate more into your shake or you can ingest by mixing with water and both are equally satisfying. I still eat real food I eat two, sometimes three 100-200—calorie sacks/day plus a 400-600 delicious healthy meal (my meal is diner on most nights) but some days, I eat a nice lunch instead due to my schedule.

It is a sustainable nutritional system. It's not a fad, It's not just 30 days...I actually stuck with it because I never feel deprived. I know that I am meeting all of my nutritional needs and goals. I know what I am putting in my body, day in and day out. If I am feeling a little hungrier from one day to the next, I listen to my body and I eat a healthy snack. I binge less. With “dieting” we miss a lot of our nutritional needs because we are so focused on cutting calories that we cut nutrients. I no longer blindly eat, thinking that ‘I am eating healthy.” Now, I know I am.

I have saved money. I am no longer spending $20-$30/day on meals/sacks and crap! (not even counting weekends and groceries) I am not spending money on nutritionally voided foods and have cut my binging moments to an all time low. So my upfront cost for my system FAR outweighs the $600/month I spend on random, crappy food.

It works! I have lost 6 pounds and 2 inches from my waistline, .5 inches from each thigh. It has dissolved my fat around middle and back. I have improved energy levels without a mid-day crash. I am more aware of what I am ingesting. I feel great and I love my body even more! Turns out I did have weight to lose. I did have fat to burn. I did have energy to sustain. I did need better nutrition. I am a shake girl. It’s not just one of my trial fads, I love this system and will continue!

Are you ready to take your own 30 day challenge to meet your nutritional needs? Join me, I will help you. Text me 315-256-5847 with questions or CLICK HERE TO START     Below are my 30 day results!












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