Syracuse Barre fitness cass

Every Barre class is fun, challenging and empowering! Set to today's hottest music, our classes follow a series of low impact movements that target and fatigue all major muscle groups to shape, tone, strengthen and lift; followed by an elongating recovery period. We begin with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using light weights, then move to the barre for the lower body burn! Classes include small hand weights, yoga straps, therapeutic exercise balls, mats, and resistance bands to shape your body from every angle. The ballet barre is used to sculpt the lower body, abs and assist in flexibility. At FHIIT we may add in some extra ‘amped’ segments to intensify the caloric burn, but all movements are modifiable for all fitness levels. TRY the best local Syracuse barre studio for your next class! Guaranteed to keep you wanting more!  **Grip socks are mandatory.** 


TRX classes in Syracuse

TRX training is a class for newbie’s and fitness junkies alike, as everyone seems to become easily obsessed with the full body workout and its ability to effectively build muscle while combining cardio with strength training. TRX, also referred to as suspension training uses a core-powered approach to strength training that uses a system of 2 straps called a "suspension trainer.” The straps allow the user to work against gravity and own body weight while focusing on form. TRX class is amazing for all fitness levels in order to build muscle, increase flexibility, target the core and scorch calories. No need for weights or machines, let the straps  whip you into shape! Please sign up for class as spots are limited. Sneakers are optional (indoor shoes only) and grip socks are mandatory. Spots are limited, please sign up! 


Cardio HIIT classes in Syracuse

When you need a little more cardio burn we have just the class for you! Our cardio HIIT class keeps you going even when you think you can’t! High intensity interval training (HIIT) is short, intense, bursts of physical activity, paired with intervals of quick rests. Strapped for time? This class is quicker than the rest only lasting a whopping 30 minutes, but be prepared to work! Our HIIT workouts are very effective at fat burning, fantastic for reshaping and firming the butt and thighs, and toning the abs. We purposely flank the HIIT classes with our other, more focused classes in order to supply you with the most effective variety of exercises in a timely manner! No need to be intimidated by the title, ALL fitness levels can participate as our instructors provide various modifications and intensity levels. We push you to YOUR level and your level only! When you are ready to sweat in Syracuse, Cardio HIIT is ready for you! Grip socks are mandatory or clean indoor shoes are acceptable.


Yoga classes in Syracuse

  • Open yourself up to PILATES with our group Mat classes and private Pilates Reformer sessions geared toward lengthening, strengthening, toning and tightening your entire body. No experience necessary, our instructor will guide you through connecting your movements and breath to get a low impact yet intense muscle engaging workout!


Cross training fitness in Syracuse

FHIIT MIX is exactly what it sounds like, A MIX OF EVERYTHING "FHIIT-NESS"! No class is ever the same in this FUN, ENERGETIC and CHALLENGING class! I developed this class to combine all formats of TRX, CARDIO, and BARRE to get an amazing and effective workout! It's a fusion of the different formats offered in the studio combined into one crazy class targeting strength, endurance, focus, alignment, balance and stability. All fitness levels are welcome. Prior knowledge of TRX is recommended for the first class as it is fast paced. Participants wear grip socks or clean indoor sneakers. Get ready to SWEAT, SYRACUSE! Spots are limited please sign up!


PiYo classes in Syracuse

PiYo is a low impact and intense full body workout inspired by the movements and positions of Yoga and Pilates with an added boost of cardio and flow. PiYo is not Yoga nor Pilates, but inspired by their methods. I like to describe it as the yoga for those who love the intensity and sweat of a workout! The class is designed to be ever moving. The format allows for heat building, muscle endurance, sculpting and toning. Added cardio, compound and plyometic movements allow for an increase in heart rate and fat burn; followed by a focused flow to stretch and lengthen. PiYo is great addition to any workout. Sign up for your Syracuse PiYo class at FHIIT today! Bring your own yoga mat or buy your own in the studio for $18. Grip socks are recommended or bare feet allowed on your own mat.


Trampoline Fitness class Syracuse, NY

Trampoline Fitness also called bounce fitness or rebounding is the MOST FUN, low impact, cardio workout that you will ever do! FHIIT is the only fitness studio in Syracuse offering Trampoline classes for adults.Rebounding has wonderful benefits for all fitness levels. Bounce fitness is easy on the joints and low impact so you are able to increase your intensity without compromising joint health. Jumping on a trampoline increases, muscle tone, balance, core and joint stability. Rebounding will help increase your immunity, help lymphatic fluid flow, recharge all cells in the entire body, reduce cellulite. It is safe and effective  for all fitness levels as I will teach you how to safely jump and properly engage your body while on the trampoline. Modifications are available in every class. Give trampoline fitness a try and change your entire outlook on fitness! Grip socks are mandatory.


Personal Trainer Syracuse, NY

FHIIT offers individualized, personal training as well. If you want to work out and cannot seem to make it to a scheduled class time FHIIT offers a couple options

  • 35 minute personal 1/1 training sessions available upon request and scheduling. I will target your entire body and get you in, out and back to work! $50.

  • 35 minuted small group training (2 or 3 persons total). SAVE money with this training option. Gather 1 or 2 persons and schedule a 35 minute session and price drops to $35/pp for individual attention and convenient scheduling.

If you  or a small group would like to participate and need more information, please call Theresa at 315-256-5847 or email at